Monthly Product Update: Aug 2023

Monthly Product Update: Aug 2023

Launching CBC profile, mobile app waitlist, Teams, YouTube integration, and much more.

Akash Bhadange

Akash Bhadange

Aug 21, 2023 3 min read

Hey Peers 👋,

As mentioned in our last month’s product update, we delivered some amazing things in August. We’re more focused on incremental improvements to the Peerlist platform and getting ready for an out-of-beta launch! I will keep you posted on that. For now, let’s see what we released this month!

Introducing CBC profile

CBC profile is a supercharged version of a standard Company Profile, explicitly tailored for communities offering cohort-based courses.

What’s there for CBCs

With this enhanced profile, communities offering CBCs can,

  • Verify people adding your CBC to their Peerlist profile.
  • Separately showcase your verified alumni, core team, and other members on your CBC profile.
  • Showcase courses and programs you’re offering.

What’s there for members

Have you been part of any CBC? Then you will be able to proudly showcase this invaluable association directly on your Peerlist profile! Cohort Section allows you to shine a spotlight on your journey, learning, and growth in an even more credible way. Read our detailed announcement here.

Teams for Company Profile

Teams for Company Profile
Organise people according to Teams

Organize your verified team members by adding them to their respective teams. The Teams feature is available for company and CBC profiles both. You can add people to different teams like Design, Engineering, Leadership, etc. Here’s how freeCodeCamp showcases its core staff members and contributors on its Peerlist profile.

Companies can verify their present and past employees.

Peerlist verification
Get your present and past work experience verified

We know many of you have been curious about how to verify past work experiences. Good news - we've been on it for the past few months!

After lots of idea generation, brainstorming, and user interviews, we figured out that it became clear that companies should confirm their affiliations with former team members. There were a few hurdles to jump over, but we got there now. With the introduction of the Company

Profiles and Teams feature, we have achieved past work verification.

Now, not only can you verify through your work email, but if your company has a Peerlist company profile, they can directly verify your present and/or past work experience!

YouTube Integration

YouTube integration
YouTube integration with Peerlist profile

Recently, some incredible individuals Femke, Abhinav have joined Peerlist, bringing with them outstanding YouTube channels filled with educational and insightful content. Not only individuals, but many companies have really great video content on YouTube. To highlight this really beneficial content, we are introducing YouTube integration!

You can now feature videos from your YouTube channel or a specific playlist directly on your Peerlist profile!

Peerlist Mobile App Waitlist
Join the Peerlist Mobile App waitlist!

We know you've been waiting for the Peerlist mobile app. We're very close to launching our mobile app closed beta by mid-September. Join the waitlist and we will make you get the early access.

🧰 Fixes and Improvements

  • [FEAT] Add site-wide progress bar for better UX.
  • [FEAT] Filter and sort for People and Teams page in Company Profiles.
  • [FEAT] Mobile app waitlist.
  • [FEAT] Add cohort to your Profiles.
  • [FEAT] Teams and Manual Verification.
  • [IMPROV] Job Preference option on the resume tab.
  • [IMPROV] Prev-next pagination.
  • [IMPROV] Better UX for adding a person to a list.
  • [FIX] Escape key not closing create post modal.
  • [FIX] The user is not able to edit the company name.
  • [FIX] Add white space after mentioning a user.
  • [FIX] Added certifications, cohort, and community work in profile percentage.
  • [FIX] Toast UI and position (right-bottom).
  • [FIX] Product hunt breaking issue for some users and null username.
  • [FIX] Clear search results after removing tags on the find page.
  • [FIX] GitHub heatmap not loading for a few users.
  • [FIX] Project OG image collaborator profile pic issue.
  • [FIX] False string getting printed on project og image.
  • [FIX] Experience verification issue when multiple present experiences.
  • [FIX] Remove collaborator from a project issue.