Creating e-mail templates is painful, isn't it?

Creating e-mail templates is painful, isn't it?

Peerlist Weekly - The curated list of amazing projects launched in week 20 on Peerlist Project Spotlight

Yogini Bende

Yogini Bende

May 16, 2024 4 min read

Starting this week, we are curating a list of 10 amazing projects launched this week, in no particular order!

Maily - A Powerful editor for creating beautiful, pre-designed emails.

Maily - A Powerful editor for creating beautiful, pre-designed emails
Maily - A Powerful editor for creating beautiful, pre-designed emails

We all know how creating a beautiful email template is a painful task! No one wants to send an email that will look bad in your browser or your email app.

Well, meet Maily by Arik Chakma who built this powerful editor for creating emails. And yes, it’s free and open-source! It also comes with a set of predefined components that can help you create your email template faster. The fun part is, it has a playground where you can try out Maily.

And since it's an open-source project, you can contribute too! Share your feedback with Arik on this week’s project launch.

Here are some more brilliant projects that launched this week —

Don’t forget, your feedback can make a big difference to everyone launching their projects on Spotlight. So, check this list and support your favorite side project and its creator!

M-tris - Play with your friends, colleagues, kids, or alone

Do you like playing Tetris like we do at Peerlist? If yes, then M-tris is the super fun tetris game created by Aakash b. Play in a group or alone, you are going to love this for sure!

GitGlance - Tool for visualizing a developer's GitHub profile

How many times you felt like you need more details and stats about your GitHub profile and coding in general? I felt it a lot of times. Let me tell you, there is a tool where you can visualise all this in a beautiful way — GitGlance created by Prateek Singh helps you see your GitHub profile in more detail, that too with just a username!

ColorVista- Make color palettes from images.

As a developer, its too hard for me to find the right colors to use in my side projects! But I can surely find a beautiful image with a good color theme. But can I use that image to get the right color codes?

With ColorVista you can! Created by Divyesh Jain, this tool helps you pick the exact color pallet.

Meta Explorer - Find out SEO Meta of any website you browse.

SEO is powerful yet painful! But there exists a Chrome extension that can help you find out and understand SEO for websites you visit! Created by Dinesh, Meta Explorer helps you find what meta information is added to a website.

Veet - Tech Mentorship Platform 1.0

Right mentorship has the potential to transform your career, but how do you find a mentor? If this is the problem you had, Augustine Asiuwhu and the team found the solution to this with Veet! You can find and connect with the right mentor and improve your career using Veet!

REC3RD - New age video recording Chrome extension.

Looking for an easy way to record your screen videos? Pranjal Mishra and the team came up with this new-age video recording Chrome extension. From meetings, pitches, and ideas to everything else, REC3RD can seamlessly record videos for you!

Shadow Talk - Step into the Shadows, Speak Without a Trace

With a beautiful interface, Shadow Talk allows you to create temporary chat rooms and talk to your friends worldwide. You do not have to rely on any other application, just open your browser, share a link, and start chatting, created by Gagandeep Singh and Harsh Pathak.

Datahole - Cloud-based SQL database management tool

Created by Shivam Shinde, Datahole is a user-friendly database GUI tool that helps developers easily create, edit, and query databases. With support for popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. It has a cloud-based interface with both free and paid plans

Hash - A terminal-based password manager for everyone

If you are a developer and you too have issues managing your passwords? Then Hrishikesh Pathak has created a simple and powerful terminal-based password manager for you! Use Hash with your terminal to get your passwords hassle-free!

Not only these, there are more fun and amazing side projects launched this week! If you like building a side project, do check them out!

See you next week!