Create a personalized avatar for yourself!

Create a personalized avatar for yourself!

Peerlist Weekly - Weekly roundup of project launch, their builders, and job opportunities posted on Peerlist.

Yogini Bende

Yogini Bende

May 24, 2024 4 min read

We are back to shine some spotlight on our Week 21 launches! From last week we started curating a spotlight list and the response we received was so encouraging 🥹.

What is in this blog for you?

  • It’s a curated list of fun and useful side projects launched this week on Spotlight. Who knows you will find your next big idea here 😉.
  • Find the brilliant minds to collaborate or network with based on your interest.
  • Hire these builders for your next project or startup idea!
  • Or just encourage them with your upvote and feedback comments.


Your new Profile Avatar for a simple fixed fee!

tiny.supply: customised pfp - Join the avatar revolution
tiny.supply: Customised pfp. Join the avatar revolution

Having a good social identity is important, but what if we tell you that you can create a beautiful, customized, handcrafted avatar to power your social profiles?

In the era of generative AI, Darius Dan is bringing back the art and craftsmanship. The process starts from a reference picture and ends with a unique, fun to look at, but still recognizable user’s character or persona. He will help you do this with his side project tiny.supply. He will take your favorite headshot and convert it into your new wonderful avatar.

Here are some more brilliant projects that launched this week —

Don’t forget — your feedback can make a big difference to everyone launching their projects.


Disposable email inbox in your browser

If you need temporary emails to test something, this tool is a savior. Created by Fayaz Ahmed, Imbox is a small temporary email inbox sitting right inside your browser bar. One click email id generation and you get a nice little inbox ui where you get emails in realtime.


Personalized nutrition made simple with AI

For everyone who is trying to have healthier meals, UltraDiet should be your nutrition diet plan partner. This AI-Powered Diet Plan Generator built by Vivek Shukla helps people approach their dietary goals, providing a personalized and effective solution for achieving a healthier lifestyle.


Build WhatsApp business apps easily and faster

Wapi.js is a node library built for developing WhatsApp cloud API based app in a user friendly way. It provides a single client to handle all the operations, listen to user and system notification via event listeners and integrated webhook server. Sarthak Jain created this open-source project to help developers build chatbots for WhatsApp's Cloud API.


Generate blogs from a Youtube video or SEO keyword at scale

Whether you have a YouTube video or a list of keywords, BlogFox can generate blog posts that sound like they were written by you, not a generic AI like ChatGPT. Created by Seth Kramer this tool also helps you sync to popular platforms like Webflow, and Wordpress in one click


A dynamic web crawler powered by Puppeteer

Sasori is a powerful and flexible dynamic web crawler built on Puppeteer. Built by Karthik, this tool allows you to automate the crawling of web applications, even those behind authentication. It also offers seamless integration with security testing tools like Zaproxy or Burp Suite.


Mockup Design App for All Your Visual Needs

With ScreenMockUp, you can easily create professional looking mockups effortlessly and easily. The use-cases include designing mockups, streamlining your workflows and crafting beautiful screenshots. Created by Arowolo Cephas this app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Free Resume Review

Get detailed feedback on your resume in seconds, for free

Get your resume reviewed for free with this Free Resume Review tool by Michael Beer. You will get personalized, actionable advice to improve your resume and stand out to potential employers.

Job opportunities this week on Peerlist

If you are looking for job, check all jobs on Peerlist, we have over 1000 open roles!

Not only these, there are more fun and amazing side projects launched this week! If you like building a side project, do check them out!

See you next week!