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The Easiest Way to Spread Your Writing Across the Web

Published by Salman Shaikh 11 Oct, 2022

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Scattr is the perfect tool for content creators who want to get their word out there. With Scattr, you can cross post your articles and blog posts to different platforms with ease. You can also cross blog, meaning you can post your content on multiple blogs at once. Scattr is the perfect way to get your content seen by more people and grow your audience.

Why Cross Post your article across various blogging platforms

1. Reach a larger audience

By cross posting your article on different blogging platforms, you can reach a much larger audience. 

2. Get more feedback and engagement

Each platform has a different audience, and you can get more feedback and engagement by posting on different platforms. 

3. Get more exposure for your article

By cross posting your article, you can get more exposure for it and help it to reach a larger audience.