Khushaali Srivastava
Abhiman Innovations Private Limited

Abhiman Innovations Private Limited

We're a forward-thinking startup dedicated to redefining products and industries through innovation and technology.

Who we are


The PollPe app was designed in 2021. Mr. Abhinav Maurya & Mr. Rakesh Chauhan emerged as the core founders of the brand. In a span of 6 months, the application successfully acquired 500 thousand users. To diversify the user base organically, social media & advertising platforms were optimized right from the beginning. This in turn resulted in massive traffic landing on the app.

Growth &am...

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Tools and Tech Stack

  • MongoDB iconMongoDB
  • JIRA iconJIRA
  • Figma iconFigma
  • ReactJS iconReactJS
  • Express iconExpress
  • NodeJS iconNodeJS
  • MySQL iconMySQL
  • Slack iconSlack