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About this opportunity

Peerlist is a professional network for people in tech with robust work profiles at its core. With Peerlist, users can distribute and discover each other’s work and expose themselves to new opportunities.

But we are envisioning more!

We believe that professional networking should be meaningful and valuable. This can be achieved not only with meaningful work profiles but also by enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio while networking.

In March we removed our waitlist and since then Peerlist is catching everyone’s eyes, and demand for our product has far exceeded our ability to service it—which is why we’re hiring talent to grow and scale. We are looking for some self-directed professionals who share the same vision and motivation as we do.

If you want to know why we are building Peerlist, then give this a read.

About the role

You’d work directly with the team to:

  • Develop programs to support and reward exemplary behavior on our forums (Discord, Feedback Forum, Twitter and on Peerlist as well).

  • Investigate the existing product and find natural on-boarding points to help bring our users aboard our community.

  • Promote Peerlist through community support, content distribution, and engagement via events.

When we say community, we don’t mean captive audience. You will be given complete autonomy over how you wish to build relationships with new and existing Peerlist members.

About you

  • A keen eye for insight. You’ll be able to implement social media campaigns to align with marketing strategies on specific platforms that fit best with their niche audience.

  • A strong sense of empathy. Ideally you’ll have experience operationalizing and working with others in different functions.

  • A great sense of direction and prioritization when it comes to dealing with the ambiguity of an early stage startup.

  • A sense of grit to dive into a problem, implement a solution, scale that solution, and replace it when needed.

  • A great set of communication skills for getting your point across, solution implemented, and beyond.

  • Hands-on experience in building and running a community for an early stage startup is a plus.

Things to know

For better or worse, we're a startup; our team dynamics are different from companies of different sizes and stages.

  • Being a tiny team and super early stage, we prefer everyone working closely from same floor. In short, we prefer working from office. It makes us efficient and helps us to move faster. This is true for now.

  • We're a small team, with high ownership, who are not only passionate about what we do, but seek to be exceptional as well. At the time of writing we're 4, serving tens of thousands of users. There's a lot of stuff going on, and a lot of ambiguity.

  • We want you to own it. We believe that ownership is a key to growth, and part of that growth is not only being able to make the choices, but owning the success, or failure, that comes with those choices.

Perks and benefits

At Peerlist, we provide best in class benefits. Great salary, full health benefits including dependents, relocation assistance, and much more.

Beyond compensation, there are a few things that we believe that make working at Peerlist truly unique:

  • Autonomy: We have very few meetings. 15-mins daily sync and a weekly sync on Wednesday to plan next week. We think your time is sacred.

  • Ownership: We're a company with a high ownership, high autonomy culture. We hope that you'll come in, help us, and over the course of many years do the best work of your life. When we bring you onboard, we expect you to change the company.

  • Novel problems/solutions: We're a startup that's well funded, with cool problems, which lets us implement novel solutions! We abhor “busywork” and think, whether it's community, engineering, operations, etc there's always opportunity for creative and high leverage solutions.

  • Growth: We want you to grow with us, but we know that talent is loaned, so when you figure out what area you want to grow in next, whether it's at Peerlist or outside, we'll make sure you land there.