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Hey Everyone , happy to present Shodh to you all 🙏

Let me walk you through the whole journey of Building It 👇 -

Brief Intro on myself - I am a 16 year old , interested in coding & stock markets

I build Shodh to solve a problem that i as an stock market investor faced which was getting the data of Capex's or Capacity Expansion ( Wait don't go away )

Eg. Capex's for a layman basically means that a particular company is expanding its current capacity . If earlier an company could produce 100 Pencils Per day and they expanded capacity and now are able to produce 150 Pencils Per Day

You see ? This sort of information is extremely valuable for Investors like me . And when i was at the other side of the product (Consumer) i found nobody doing this at all . The ones which were doing it only had limit data points .

So i decided to solve this problem myself and started learning and python programming language . Within 4 Months of building an MVP I finally launched Shodh publicly in April .

🛠 - Since the first day of Building Shodh i have been building it in public and still doing it on Twitter . - Since then Shodh has got lifetime traffic of more than 1.3 Lakh and 4.2 K Registered Investors

🎉 Since the launch Shodh has launched much more features than just Capex's , which are - 1. Corporate Announcements 2. Personalized Feed 3. Events Calendar 4. Notes 5. Save / Bookmarks . Shodh is an power-packed Stock research platform now + With Great User Interface and Experience . That's it from my side . Do let me know your feedback over it after using Shodh . Thanks for reading this till end 👋 .

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