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An end-to-end MLOps platform for all your ML needs.

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What does Constellation offer?

ML being a repetitive process can be a headache and let's not get started with collaborations. With Constellation, you can do everything from data visualization w/ dynamic graphs to one-click deployments in one place.

What are the features?

Data Visualization of your CSVs without needing to write code

Extensive workspace, project, and experiment management for better collaboration

Drag and drop UI to quickly build ML pipelines

AutoML support if you are too lazy.

Pipeline verification and code generation

One-line training powered by in-house SDK.

All metrics and results directly visible on the platform

Easily compare different experiments by creating easily customizable dashboards with report generation support.

Inference pipeline generation and one-click deployments

Deployment monitoring by using Prometheus.

So basically, is it a low-code/no-code platform?

Yes but the major disadvantage of general low-code platforms is no support for custom logic and code editing. The code generation method we use enables developer to inject their logic in the pipelines we generate. You get a file, you can edit it, run it or write your code and use our platform for other features.

Where can we try it out?

At this stage, we are wrapping up most of the features to prepare a BETA soon. Until then, check out this image out for a good tease, you can connect with me here and be updated :)

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