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Mar 2023

Simple realtime-multiplayer todo list for recurring tasks

 Svelte Firebase TypeScript CSS HTML

doTogether helps you keep track of stuff you have get done via a List of recurring Tasks.

Each Task has a certain number of days it takes to recur. When you mark a Task as done, it will recur after that set amount of days. Lists contain Tasks and can be shared with other people, so you can work on Tasks together. The List is ordererd by the remaining / overdue days of each Task.

The app is build to be as simple as possible, so you can focus on getting stuff done instead of figuring out all the features. It's also build to be used with multiple people. Realtime data means the Lists are always in sync and up to date, but you can of course also use the app by yourself. You can create a List for your shared home chores and one for your daily habits!

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