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May 2023

Take control of your health journey with Health-Buddy..

 Cloud GCP Machine Learning Open AI Dialogflow NodeJS HTML / CSS / JavaScript

The Health Buddy project is a web-based healthcare solution that uses machine learning models to detect brain tumors, retina defects, and lung diseases. The project's user interface is designed with HTML, CSS, and JS and has a sleek and modern appearance that is easy to use and navigate. Moreover, the project's chatbot made with Dialogflow is designed to answer health-related questions.


Brain Tumor Detection:

The brain tumor detection model uses MRI scans to detect the presence of tumors.

Here you can upload brain’s MRI scan image and you will get a predicted result whether the person is having Brain Tumor or not.

Eye Disease Detection:

The Eye disease detector uses fundus images to detect abnormalities in the retina. We have four classifications for this.




Retina damage

Here we can upload image to check whether a person has eye disease or not and if he has then which type of eye defect the person is having.

Lung Disease Detector:

Same goes with Lung Disease Detector, we can upload a image and it will predict the result.

HealthBuddy Bot:

We have integrated Google Cloud offering Dialogflow with Open AI to get accurate results and get responses only for healthcare related queries.

It can answer in regional languages too like Hindi.

Appointment page: Here you can schedule a appointment, whenever you fill this form, we will get a mail with your details.

Feedback Form: We would like to hear from you, we are open for feedback, fill this form to give us feedback.

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Future Goals:

In the future, we plan to integrate more features and functionalities into Health Buddy. Some of our plans include:

Integrate more disease detection algorithms: Currently, the application can detect brain tumor, retina problems, and lung cancer. We plan to add more detection algorithms to detect other diseases.

Improve doctor recommendation system: We plan to integrate a more advanced recommendation system that suggests doctors based on the patient's condition and their specialization.

Integrate telemedicine: We plan to add telemedicine functionalities that allow patients to consult with doctors online.

Build a mobile app: We plan to build a mobile application for Health Buddy, which will make it easier for patients to access the services.

Try our project and let us know. Also you can check detailed documentation on Github.

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