Introducing CBC Profile

Introducing CBC Profile

Bootcamps significantly impact numerous professionals' lives. Recognising that, we're excited to launch CBC aka Bootcamp Profiles on Peerlist

Akash Bhadange

Akash Bhadange

Aug 08, 2023 2 min read

Before I jumped into the details, let me share a quick back story. When we launched company profiles back in May, we got feedback from some communities offering cohort-based courses. The feedback was, even though we’re a company, our needs are different because we operate like a school or a community offering education.

Later, I received a similar feedback cum request from Abhinav who heads one of the most favorite and popular design communities, 10kdesigners. He was looking for a platform where they could onboard all of their alumni and showcase all their verified students, alumni, mentors, and their core team all in one place.

We were anticipating that company profiles need to be flexible enough to accommodate such needs of Schools and communities. After receiving this feedback, our hypothesis got validated.

Hey Check out Peerlist

What is a CBC profile by Peerlist?

It is a supercharged version of a standard Company Profile, explicitly tailored for communities offering cohort-based courses. With this enhanced profile, CBCs can

  1. Verify people adding your CBC to their Peerlist profile.
  2. Showcase your verified alumni and members on your CBC profile.
  3. Showcase courses and programs you’re offering.
  • Verify people adding your CBC to their Peerlist profile.
  • Showcase your verified alumni and members on your CBC profile.
  • Showcase courses and programs you’re offering.


We understand the crucial role trust plays in education. Therefore, each time your CBC is added to someone's Peerlist profile (as a cohort or work experience), the profile admin will be notified. This will allow you to effortlessly verify this association, ensuring your community is composed of verified and credible individuals.

Showcase courses/programs you’re offering.

Showcase your courses or programs on your CBC profile
Showcase your courses or programs on your CBC profile

Showcase your cohort-based courses and programs in a dedicated profile on Peerlist. Make it easy for people to see the unique learning experiences you provide and give them a sneak peek into the incredible educational journeys your students can expect.

Keep your community organized


Organize your students/members by adding them to their respective teams. Teams feature is now available for regular company profiles too where you can add people to different teams like Design, Engineering, Leadership, etc.

Have you been part of any CBC? Then you will be able to proudly showcase this invaluable association directly on your Peerlist profile! Cohort Section allows you to shine a spotlight on your journey, learning, and growth in an even more credible way.

This isn’t about showing off. It’s about signaling that you care about your work and upskilling and that you’re a life-long learner!

Before you close this tab, I want to reiterate Peerlist’s mission;

Our mission is to empower professionals worldwide by connecting them with the people, resources, and opportunities needed to succeed in their careers!

And with the launch of CBC profiles, we’re one step closer to our mission!