Why we can't offer you an internship at the moment?

Why we can't offer you an internship at the moment?

We're highly focused on product development and shipping things faster. Offering internship means offering dedicated efforts, time and mentoring. If we are not sure to provide that, we want to hold this thought for a while.

Akash Bhadange

Akash Bhadange

Feb 12, 2023 2 min read

As founders of Peerlist, Yogini and I understand the importance of finding talented and motivated individuals to join our team and help us drive our company forward. However, despite the many benefits that internships can bring to a startup, we have chosen not to hire interns at Peerlist at this time.

Let me explain why we have made this decision and what factors we considered when deciding whether or not to bring on interns.

Resource crunch

This is the most important reason! As a small and growing startup, we simply don't have the resources to effectively manage, support, and mentor you. In addition, we are a small team of five people, and we need to focus all our energy and attention on our core business initiatives and product development.

Time crunch

Running a startup is a demanding and time-consuming process, and the demands on us as founders and early team members are particularly intense. This can make it challenging to allocate the necessary time and resources to train and manage you effectively.

Lack of structure and processes.

Right now, we do not have formal processes and structures in place. Still, we have strong opinions on how we must function, making it challenging for you to understand your role and responsibilities and make the most of your internship experience. This can lead to confusion and frustration for both of us and may result in an unproductive internship experience. We don't want that!

Focus on product development.

We're highly focused on product development and shipping things faster, leaving no time and resources for developing internship programs and managing interns. This makes it challenging to ensure that you are effectively integrated into the team and make meaningful contributions to product development.

Offering an internship may present certain difficulties at the moment; however, that doesn't mean we are ruling out the possibility altogether. We understand that as an intern, you have the potential to bring a new burst of energy, unique perspectives, and valuable abilities, and you may be highly motivated to work diligently and make a meaningful impact. To ensure the success of the internship program, we must provide adequate resources, organization, and support, thereby making your internship experience both productive and valuable.

By being proactive and intentional in designing and implementing our internship program, we can ensure that you can make meaningful contributions to Peerlist's growth and development. But we're not there yet.