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How To Transfer Data Between Docker MongoDB Instance?

How To Transfer Data Between Docker MongoDB Instance?

MongoDB data dump and restore from docker instance to local machine and vice-versa.

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Ankit Bansal

Sep 03, 2023


You can have a look at this article where we tried to import and export data from the docker instance into the local MongoDB instance.


  • MongoDB Installed: Ensure you have MongoDB installed and set up on your local machine.
    • Install Docker. Documentation:

    • Mongodb Docker Installation:

      docker run -d  --name mongo-on-docker  -p 27017:27017 -e MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME=<your-username> -e MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD=<your-password> mongo
    • I hope you replace your username with <your-username> and password <your-password>

    • Or Docker with permanent db

      export MONGODB_VERSION=6.0-ubi8
      docker run --name mongodb -d -p 27017:27017 -v $(pwd)/data:/data/db -e  MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME=root -e MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD=root  mongodb/mongodb-community-server:$MONGODB_VERSION
    • You can replace username password root root to anything you like.

    • Save the docker instance ID somewhere.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Taking a Backup/Dump from the Docker Instance:

    1. Get into the docker instance
        docker exec -it <dockerID that we received from above command>  /bin/sh
      • for eg docker exec -it f30586c864b4b8cb4b21ca897e716746683840a9072389769b21be346ea4a468 /bin/sh
    2. Command for taking a dump
      mongodump --host <server_host> --port <server_port> --username <username> --password <password> --db <dbName> --out <backup_folder_path>
      • For eg: mongodump --host <hostname> --port <27017> --username pladmin --db peerlist --password root "./bkup" --authenticationDatabase admin
    3. Copying files from docker to Local machine
        docker cp <docker-Id-f30586c>:/<backup_folder_path> <local_folder_path>
      • For eg: docker cp <docker-Id-f30586c>:/bkup ~/Downloads/bkup
    4. Restoring to the local machine
      mongorestore --host <server_host> --port <server_port> --username <username> --password <password> --db <dbName> <backup_folder_path> --authenticationDatabase admin
      • For eg: mongorestore --host localhost --port 27017 --username pladmin --db peerlist --password root "./bkup/peerlist" --authenticationDatabase admin
    5. Similarly Restoring to the Docker instance
      • First, take the dump similar to the above command
      • Copy the dump/backup to docker via docker cp <local_folder_path> <docker-Id>:/<backup_folder_path>
      • Run the same restore command at point 4
  • Transfer Backup/Dump from outside the Docker Instance:

    1. Restoring local data in a docker instance
    docker exec -it <docker-Id> sh -c 'mongorestore --host <server_host> --port <server_port> --username <username> --password <password> --db <dbName> <backup_folder_path> --authenticationDatabase admin' < <local_folder_path>
    • For eg restoring separate collection
    docker exec -it f30586c864b4b8cb4b21ca897e716746683840a9072389769b21be346ea4a468 sh -c 'mongorestore --host localhost --port 27017 --username pladmin --db peerlist --password root --collection prof-ana' < ~/Downloads/profile-analytics.json
  • Command to start a docker with docker id

    docker start bf1e4cc19f0abc88e4243891a6c08d13e7e874aeb87a47e0ba181a21d2dcdff9
  • Command to stop a docker with docker id

    docker stop bf1e4cc19f0abc88e4243891a6c08d13e7e874aeb87a47e0ba181a21d2dcdff9
  • **To check all docker running instances **

    docker ps