How to make your Project Spotlight launch successful?

How to make your Project Spotlight launch successful?

This guide will help you make the best out of your launch on Project Spotlight.

Yogini Bende

Yogini Bende

Jul 03, 2024 4 min read

Since you are here, I am hoping you are building something and planning to launch it on the Project Spotlight, or you have already launched your side project. In any case, I should congratulate you! You have done a great job!

Over the past 3 months, we have seen many launches happening on Project Spotlight. Some of them did extraordinarily well, got amazing responses on their launch, gained early adopters, and received lots of feedback to work on.

After talking to all of them, we noticed a common pattern all successful launches follow. So I decided to write this to help you make your launch successful. But before we begin, let's first understand —

What defines a successful launch?

Although being in the top 3 positions in a week does categorize as a successful launch on Peerlist, our objective is to help you get more attention, more users, more feedback, and, as a side effect, top positions on Peerlist.

This guide suggests things that are good to do. But that does not mean you should stop here. You may find even more ways to promote your projects. So let’s dive in and understand how you can make your launch successful, in no particular order.

Stay updated and be responsive

On the internet, you will notice traffic surges during the early days of the week. The same applies to Peerlist. If someone checks out your project and leaves feedback or a question, you should proactively respond. This helps them engage more and understand your project better. Plus, if there are any action items, you can quickly address them and help visitors convert into early adopters.

To respond promptly and to stay updated with your launch, you can use Peerlist’s mobile appIt is available on both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Add detailed information and demos

Use the description section to provide in-depth information about your project or product. You can use storytelling, bullet points, or any other method to share more about your project, idea, and plans. I would recommend avoiding AI-generated descriptions as they may not effectively convey the real value.

Including a demo allows users to experience your product before committing. Video demos are particularly useful as they provide a live view and help users understand the product better. If your app requires users to sign up, consider sharing test credentials or recording a demo video to showcase your project.

Share it with the world

Spread the word about your launch with your friends, colleagues, and social networks. Launches have a natural urgency that attracts attention. People don't want to miss out, so they often make time to check and support your work.

Also, by launching your product on a platform you show seriousness to the world. I've seen many instances where creators received excellent job offers or interviews because they promoted their side project and launch.

When you create something, take pride in giving it a shout-out! Your work deserves to be seen and heard. We create personalized shareable images for your launch. You can use those to announce your launch on other social media platforms. And don’t forget to share your personalized invite link for new supporters joining you. After all, you should be rewarded for your efforts!

Reach out to people with similar interests

If you come across someone who has built a similar project or is working on something alike, reach out to them for feedback. Ask for their insights on areas of improvement and how they can support you. Builders often understand each other's challenges and can provide valuable guidance, helping you expand your network in the process.

While doing this, it's important to remember not to spam anyone. We're all here to add value to each other, so make sure your interactions are meaningful and respectful.

Support others

You understand what it takes to build and ship a product! Show care and passion by appreciating others' work and providing constructive feedback. Engaging with others in this way allows you to learn new things and opens opportunities for collaboration.

These are a few things I would recommend doing while your launch is in progress. Peerlist is a community of builders, and you will gain significant value by launching your project here.

I wish you all the best for your launch! If you have more to add or impressive stats to share about your launch with the world, feel free to reach out to me via DMs. I'm happy to incorporate new ideas into this article and feature your success.

Keep building!