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The Easiest Way to Spread Your Writing Across the Internet ✨ | Cross-posting tool

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Join Scattr 🚀

Scattr is a great tool for those who like to share their learnings & thoughts with the world in the form of articles, newsletters or blog posts 📝.

With Scattr, you can cross-post your articles and blog posts to different platforms such as dev, hashnode, medium, etc with just one click 🌐.

Why Cross-Post your articles on different platforms?

1. Reach a larger audience 👥

Every platform has its own audience, by sharing an article/blog on multiple platforms, it can reach to a larger number of people who may not have otherwise come across it. This can lead to increased traffic to the original source and potential new readers for future content.

2. Improved SEO of your blog 🔼

When an article or blog is cross-posted on multiple platforms, it increases the number of backlinks to the original blog post. Backlinks are an important factor in determining a search engine ranking.

2. Get more engagements & feedback for your product/service 💡

Cross-posting increases exposure and engagement, it'll help in building a community around a blog/website. It also provides more opportunities for readers to interact with content and each other through comments and social media.

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