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Software Engineer

Posted 16 May, 23

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Rishi Banerjee

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Job description

At Atlan, we are both proud and humbled by the fact that we are building products that power data teams in more than 50 countries around the world, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 giants. Our products form the very backbone of our users, have become a part of their daily workflows and directly impact their success.

In the past decade, products like Github helped companies build great engineering cultures. At Atlan, we are on a quest to help build winning data teams of the future. Every line of code we write, every feature we add, every pixel we create—everything we do—is to help data teams around the world do their lives’ best work.

Let’s show the world how it’s done!

This role, As part of the Developer Experience team, will be instrumental in growing our developer ecosystem. This means designing and building the tools for our partners (customers, system integrators and other vendors) to easily and efficiently integrate with Atlan. It’s a perfect mix of:

  • Architectural thinking, problem-solving and design

  • Hands-on coding, to build joyful experiences for our partners’ developers

  • All in a cloud-native, distributed-systems world

And it’s right at the centre of our strategy — enabling the humans of data, by automating and integrating (or more simply, “activating”) metadata.

If you like to think big, design for scale, and simplify the complex — but you’re still keen to be hands-on with various tech (APIs, event buses, and serverless across multiple languages) — this could be just the role for you.

What will you do?

  • As a member of the Developer Enablement team, you’ll work on integrating external systems with our APIs via SDKs or CLIs, or modern-day cloud platforms like AWS/Azure/GCP.

  • Work closely with members of our customer-facing teams to understand needs of our technical users.

  • Work closely with front-end developers, data engineers, and members of other internal teams to develop solutions to improve the experience for our technical users.

  • Plan for the future by clearly communicating the cost-benefit of a given solution and advocating the best path forward.

  • Understand and mitigate risk through robust analysis and testing.

  • Operate and maintain existing systems that enable developer productivity.

  • Build and maintain API documentation across micro-services with self-serve examples for customers to leverage.

  • Build software to automate everything from manual run-book processes to complete system provisioning.

  • Collaborate with teammates and other stakeholders to continuously improve our systems and processes.

What makes us a match?

  • Experience building web applications, distributed systems, APIs and related infrastructure with Python.

  • Experience wrapping existing APIs in Python and experience using libraries like Pydantic and dataclasses

  • Experience with creating SDKs or client libraries that strongly type payloads is a big plus.

  • Experience with any other language is a big plus. We use Python, Java and Go. At Atlan, being a Polyglot is a huge advantage.

  • Ability to work towards building a developer portal to integrate our most important tools and enable quick ramp-up for developers who are new to Atlan.

  • Effective communication skills that drive collaboration with teammates and other stakeholders, and running feedback cycles to evolve the API experience of the platform.

  • Strong familiarity with tooling used as part of the software development lifecycle: source control (e.g., Git / GitHub), Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, automated testing, etc.

  • Experience driving automation within the process, and evangelizing and enabling it.