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Backend Engineer

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12 May, 202312 May, 2023



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About this opportunity

The Role:

Our Lead Backend Software Engineer would be fully responsible for designing and building the core modules on the application and infrastructure layer. The expectation from them would be to lead a fast-growing team of young, passionate, talented, and fun-loving superstars. They should be able to solve challenging architectural and design problems and get their hands dirty with clustering, replication, databases, building systems, infrastructure automation, etc. They would build & contribute to open-source libraries and components, and take full ownership of building concurrent, performant, and scalable services that will power the entire Headout ecosystem.

What makes this role special?

  • Opportunity to build a world-class team.

  • First-hand experience to build things from the scratch, have the onus of their projects and work with a team where out-of-the-box solutions are welcomed. 

  • Build a plethora of services on different platforms and databases. 

  • Flexibility to work on different tech stacks. 

  • First-hand experience of 5x growth of a company and while you are at it contribute to the architecting solutions.

What skills & experience do you need?

  • Strong CS fundamentals, good working knowledge of classic algorithms and data structures.

  • 5+ years experience developing server-side technologies using any language or framework.

  • Excellent communication, collaboration and people management skills.

  • Experience working with Spring, Relational Databases, Concurrent Programming, NoSQL flavors, AWS.

  • Experience designing scalable, fault-tolerant systems and databases.

  • Experience with setting up systems and infrastructure.

  • Solid understanding of how the web works and its underlying communication protocols.

  • Knack for writing the most performance optimized code along with it being modular and scalable.


  • An interest in travel, local experiences & hospitality.

  • An experience in starting or scaling a successful startup.

  • Anything out-of-the-box that can surprise us.