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May 2023

Bring Life to Your Forms

 Frontend Developer Freelancer saas Web Development - Bring Life to your Forms

UnoForms is a plug and play API integration to include in your Form Action as a link which enables you to handle Form Submissions Straight from your website.

It also allows you to trigger emails and actions on submission of a new request. You can view and manage your data from a smart dashboard with varying filters and you get control of your data completely.

About Myself

Hey, I am Dhanush G, I am a Self Taught Backend Developer, also by chance pursuing my bachelors in CSE. I like to build products that intend to create impact and makes people's life easier.

I've been building various products over the last couple of years, but this is the best one yet. I had this new year resolution to build and launch something great this year, but didn't know what it was. As i was pondering on what it could be i was also learning about indie SaaS projects, so i decided that i could build something of my own and took it up as a challenge to build one in 28 days starting Feb 1. But as software takes time, It took me until mid of April to have an MVP of sorts.

I've took some help from my father to host it on digital ocean, and I am committed to myself that I will push through to sell this to potential customers.

I am in no way a designer and have done my best to make the site look not bad. But there is still miles to go on the design front.

Anyhow, I expect honest feedback and suggestions to make this product better and successful. its live at

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