Peerlist x Replit


Generative AI Hackathon

Peerlist and Replit are hosting a virtual generative AI hackathon with total prizes worth $5,000!









Worth of Prizes


Cash Prizes worth $1500

$500 each to top 3 teams

Replit Cycles worth $1500 *

$500 each to top 3 teams

Peerlist + Replit Swag

to the top 10 teams


Generative AI is gaining immense popularity worldwide! To support and boost the development of AI projects and be a part of this revolution, we are excited to announce the Generative AI Hackathon with Replit.

What to build?

Build anything as long as you are using generative AI.You can build a project from YT video summariser to a headshot generator. There are no restrictions or limitations!

These are just starting points, and the potential of generative AI is vast. Participants can mix and match ideas or come up with entirely new concepts that leverage the power of generative models.

How to participate?

  1. Create your Peerlist profile and Replit account if you haven’t already.

  2. Register for hackathon.

  3. Build your generative AI project.

  4. Submit your project before the deadline (Sun • 24 Sep, 2023)

  5. Add your project link and your Peerlist profile link at the footer of the project's website/demo.

  6. Share your project link on Peerlist, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram - be sure to tag @Peerlist and @Replit so we can spread the word about your work.

Judging Criteria

  • User Experience / User Interface

    Assessing the ease of use and aesthetics of your project. Does it effectively accomplish its intended purpose in a user-friendly and approachable manner?

  • Originality / Uniqueness

    Determining whether your project is a novel idea or if similar ones have been executed before.

  • Technicality

    Evaluating the complexity of the problem you are solving, including the number of components involved. Did you develop it in an efficient manner, or did you add too many unnecessary components? Is your code well-structured and clean?

  • Feasibility

    Assessing whether your project is likely to be successful in the marketplace. Does it have a target market, a clear value proposition, and a competitive advantage?

  • Moonshot Potential

    Beyond practical considerations, we also welcome radical and visionary projects that have the potential to revolutionize industries or create entirely new ones. Is your project a "moonshot" idea that could lead to a billion-dollar business or a breakthrough in your field? We encourage you to think big and propose bold, daring solutions.

  • Wow Factor

    Additional points will be given for any exceptional aspects of your project not covered by the above criteria.

  • Community Support

    Community support will also influence the evaluation of your project. Both upvotes and feedback comments on your submission will be taken into account.

  • Replit Workspace

    Bonus points for projects hosted on Replit Workspace.

Judges: Yogini, Anshul Bhide, the Peerlist team and the Replit team.

Hackathon Prizes

  • Top 3 teams

    • $500 cash prize.

    • Peerlist swag box: T-shirt, stickers, and much more.

    • $500 worth Replit cycles. (eligible only if the project is hosted on Replit)

    • Replit T-shirt.

  • 10 Runners-up teams

    • Peerlist swag box: T-shirt, stickers, and much more.

    • Replit T-shirt

  • Participation Prizes

    • Hackathon submission badge on your Peerlist profile.


  1. How to Submit your Hackathon Projects?

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  2. Can I participate individually?

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  3. What’s the allowed team size?

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  4. How will the winners be chosen?

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  5. Can we integrate external APIs or libraries?

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  6. Where can I host the project?

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  7. Do I need to share my code?

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  8. Can we work or old or ongoing projects?

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  9. How will plagiarism be detected?

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  10. How do I ensure a respectful behaviour during the hackathon?

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  11. What are Replit Cycles?

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