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May 2023

Generate Deep Links for YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music


TLDR - Replace Normal YouTube Links with if you are a creator/marketer.


Every Link you share on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok are opened on their slow In-App Browsers.

Problems with In-app Browser

People are not signed into in-app browser so less engagement and conversions.

It's slow and kinda makes people go back to the source app.

Has Malicious Tracking code apparently (source)


While Sharing your YouTube or Amazon Affiliate Link , create a deep link on for free and share it instead.

Whenever anyone clicks on your link, It will open the App instead.

This can open apps for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Apple Music. It also gives you some analytics data too, read more

Some Stats

I built this for myself to be honest so didn't focus on growth, but organically it is now doing 180-220K redirects every month.

Recently India's Biggest Finance Influencer(Sharan) used this to promote his book and saw 2X better conversion.

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