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Learn American Sign Language (ASL) Practically

 JavaScript Machine Learning

SignLanguage is a platform where users can practically learn American Sign Language using machine learning and access videos for over 20,000+ ASL phrases.


YouTube is a great source of knowledge, but its algorithm doesn't promote short videos or videos that entice users. SignLanguage solves this problem by collecting these resources and making them easily accessible through our webapp. This webapp has around 20,000+ curated video phrases and features like fuzzy Search which can help users to learn American Sign Language(ASL) with ease.

SignLanguage also has a number of games that users can play to practice their ASL fundamentals while having fun.

Tech Stack & Libraries Used

The app is basically built using eleventy js (11ty) for frontend, MongoDb Realm as a backend and mediapipe and tensorflow js for machine learning.

Eleventy Js

Mongo Db

Mongo Db Realm functions

Mongo Db Realm HTTPS Endpoints

Mongo Db Atlas Search



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