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A fun quiz on latest Product & Design news & trends

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We are delighted to launch a new initiative on UXHack called TGIF or Thank God It's Friday.

TGIF is a fun quiz on product and design. It's a great way to learn, test and showcase your knowledge on the latest happenings in tech.


The idea behind TGIF was simple: we wanted to engage people who are interested in tech, products and design. This is a broad audience: ranging from professionals, to students, as also enthusiasts.

We already have initiatives that are meant to engage people getting into design or product management: Weekly Challenges, UX Hackathons, Hiring Hackathons. Each of these needs a certain depth and interest in the topics, which meant that they weren't for everyone. There was also a time constraint.

At the same time we had a lot people who loved UXHack for what it is. They loved the challenges, the concept of hacking out solutions, but never had a meaningful way of engaging with us or reason to join our community.

Finally the tech and product space is probably one of the most exciting ones out there, with something new happening everyday (I'd say Financial markets and politics come close 2nd and 3rd).

So, to us, it was all about combining these elements to come up with something that appealed to this wider audience, yet was challenging and interesting. Moreover, we wanted the ethos to be grounded in products, UX and design.

And so that led us to TGIF. A new quiz every Friday at 8 PM India time.

Play the current and old quiz here

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