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Design website screenshots and device mockups

 NextJS TailwindCSS

As a designer and app creator, I share a lot of my design work and work that I like on Twitter. I used to take a screenshot of these designs and beautified them in Figma to make them more presentable, it was a repetitive process to open these screenshots in Figma, select background colors, add shadow etc. and export it. On average I was spending like 20 to 30 minutes doing these screenshots, and so I thought I should just a build a simple app which can help me do this easily and quickly

That's when I thought it would be great to have a simple app that can do this for me quickly, and that's how Pika was born. Pika aims to convert boring screenshots into beautiful, presentable and high quality images, and Pika is intended to make this process as fast as possible. That's the problem I'm solving with Pika, it started with my personal use case but now it's been used by thousands of users and in different ways :)

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