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May 2023

A React component library for you.

 TypeScript TailwindCSS

What is the project?

Introducing glaze-ui - a react component library that will make your web development experience super fun and easy! 🎉

Why are you building yet another component library?

We thought how about making robust components and theming support like AntD, have quick development like ChakraUI, have amazing featured components like MaterialUI and add TailwindCSS as cherry on the cake to have a component library we would want to use everyday!


Built with the amazing TailwindCSS, glaze-ui is super flexible and can be used to create your own design languages. With minimal effort, you can now create beautiful web pages that stand out from the crowd. 🎨

Our goal to have as less Javascript as possible to make your website bundles lighter and your UIs blazing fast without compromising on features.⚡

One of the key features of glaze-ui is its robust support for TypeScript. With TypeScript support out of the box, you can write safer and more predictable code with fewer errors. This makes it easier to maintain and scale your projects over time, and helps ensure that your codebase is clean, efficient, and easy to understand! 💪

Not only does glaze-ui support theming, but it also combines the best of all different UI libraries, so to give the best front-end development experience!🌈

And one more thing - glaze-ui is an open source project! This means that you can contribute to the project and help make it even better. So if you're passionate about web development and want to make a difference, come and join our community. Let's create something awesome together!🤝

Psst! Here's a sneak peek - we're adding dark theme support to glaze-ui very soon! So you'll be able to create beautiful, sleek websites that are easy on the eyes, no matter what time of day it is. 🌙

However, please note that glaze-ui is still work in progress. We're constantly adding new features and improving existing ones to make sure that you have the best experience possible. 👀

So come and join the fun - let's build something amazing together!🚀

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