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Half baked ideas

May 2023

Internet's best half-baked app ideas at one place

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Most of us come up with half-baked ideas but don't have the tools, resources, or time to build them. What if we could just share the ideas with the world and let others make it? so I decided to build an app where we can share our half-baked ideas and vote for them.

I built this project in the Planetscale X Hashnode hackathon

💡 Sharing ideas

Users can share their half-baked ideas. It can be anything. A website, an extension , a tool or something else.

🙋 Upvoting ideas

I considered two ways to validate the half-baked ideas. If someone builds a product out of this half-baked idea, would you use it? or would you pay for it to use? This way makers can get validated ideas and won't end up building something no one would use.

✨ Filter and sort ideas

You can sort ideas based on the ✨ latest, 🙋 I would use it and 💸 take my money. Also, You can filter by different categories like social, productivity, health, etc.

What are you waiting for? Go visit and check out cool half-baked ideas shared by the internet. And if you have one, don't forget to share it with the world.

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