Peerlist Monthly Update: September 2023

Peerlist Monthly Update: September 2023

Introducing Peerlist Matched - candidate matching for jobs, advanced search filters, people recommendation, and much more.

Akash Bhadange

Akash Bhadange

Oct 11, 2023 4 min read

Lately, we've been improving and simplifying how companies can hire with Peerlist. And to get started, here are some brilliant updates for you. This is a little long update, so you can get a coffee or something before you start reading.

Today, we're introducing these massive improvements available for companies that are hiring with Peerlist and also for candidates!

✨ Peerlist Matched

“A list of the best candidates every time you post a job!”

Peerlist is a unique place to find and hire the most credible talent because of verified profiles with proof of work. When hiring, it's not about the volume of applications. It's about finding the right fit. With Matched, post a job, and we'll recommend you the perfect candidates. No noise, just the right matches.

Peerlist Matched Screenshot
A list of the best candidates every time you post a job!

A list of the best candidates every time you post a job!

On your job dashboard, there's a new tab titled Matched. Here, you'll discover candidates suited for the role.

We don't guarantee you thousands of applications, but we ensure that you get top-matched candidates you can interview and eventually hire!

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⚡️ Review Candidate

Review Candidate
Review candidate right on their profile.

Now, see immediately if a person has applied to your open roles. Review and act right from their profile. No more back-and-forth.

🔍 Advanced Filter

Advanced Filter
Advanced filters to find people on Peerlist

Many of you had requested enhanced filters to find people. Now, you can search for people based on their years of experience. Moreover, if you have a job listed on Peerlist, you can instantly find individuals who align with that specific role with just a single click!

Note: Only company admins have access to these filters.

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🤗 Peers you may know

Peers you may know
More relevant people on Peerlist for you!

Yes, we've introduced a people recommendation algorithm! Now, Peerlist suggests people you might know or be interested in, like old coworkers, college friends, or those hiring for interesting roles. Plus, it shows you the folks who you interact with and more.

We have been continuously making significant improvements to enhance the overall product experience on Peerlist. These improvements have been achieved by introducing innovative generative AI features that are seamlessly integrated throughout the entire platform.

and some tiny features.

  • Edit/crop profile picture while uploading a new one.
  • View profile picture on other’s profile.
  • Profile tags (Skills) recommendation. You can read about it here.

✍️ Peerlist Blog

Last month, we decided that everyone from the Peerlist team would be writing at least one blog post about a feature they built and shipped in that month. So, here are some interesting reads on how we built these features.

  1. How To Transfer Data Between Remote Servers and MongoDB Instances
  2. How to add Google One Tap Login in the Nextjs App?
  3. How To Transfer Data Between Docker MongoDB Instance?
  4. Deep Dive into Peerlist's Skill Recommendation Algorithm
  5. What are SOLID principles of programming?
  6. How We’re Using Generative AI To Improve User Experience
  7. How To Embed YouTube Videos Using RSS Feed
  8. Design Principles: Hierarchy
  9. Are Coding Bootcamps Worth the Hype and Money?

Peerlist Blog →

💪 Improvements

  1. Notification settings for Project Spotlight
  2. Google one-tap login
  3. Find the Jobs link on the website
  4. Post a job CTA for logged-out users
  5. Similar jobs for the logged-out state
  6. Show the hiring team on the job details page
  7. Added read time for blogs
  8. Improved tl;dr for scroll. Low/no hallucination!

and many more that we can’t talk about yet 🤐

🐞 Fixes

  1. Removed duplicate Apply button from external jobs in the logged-out state.
  2. 500 errors for some projects.
  3. Broken profile picture issue when imported from LinkedIn.
  4. Company logo broken in jobs
  5. Fixed incorrect jobs company URL
  6. Removed old welcome email.
  7. Fixed company admin notification for people who applied for a job.
  8. Project details launched on spotlight intermittently page throws error
  9. Removed new badge from project
  10. Allowed website with channel and education domain
  11. Added alt tag to profile picture for project details page
  12. Fix: Wrong Hiring team shown for admins
  13. Updated legal document links